Ron Black Photography

   I would first like to thank you for reviewing my photography profile. I have photographed everything from private boudoir and glamour shoots including professional performers, to commercial event shows throughout Canada. Here is an email I received that I found to be very soothing not only to me but to my new clients. And I quote,,,

Hi Ron, just sent you a quick note on your wall but forgot to mention that I saw your photos from Import-fest this year and wanted to comment on how great they were! You really manage to capture a lot of hot women and sex appeal without compromising that classy look that many photographers these days seem to loose sight of. Congrats on a job well done, you're awesome at what you do. I love to see your work and hope some day I can be a part of it! Hopefully we will run into each other when the weather is beautiful once again. Jen

A friendly reminder to all my photo friends and subjects ,,,All my photos are to stay in tack including my logo, no editing, cropping, or altering in any way, and in no way can my photographs be used for commercial gain or profit without written permission. Thank you for your understanding. Ron

BTW I will receive an email report with your location and IP address if you are trying to log into a folder and your password fails, if you have forgot your password please email me and I will reset it.